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  ICC-700 National Green Building Standard (Residential)

ICC-700 Sections That Might Involve the Use of Tile

505.2 Heat Island Mitigation Shading of hardscaping or light colored hardscaping (SRI > 29) for 50% of horizontal surface hardscapes. 605.2 On-site Recycling Materials are ground or otherwise safely applied on-site as soil amendment or fill.
601.3 Building Dimensions and Layouts Building dimensions and layouts are designed to reduce material cuts and waste. 605.3 Recycled Construction Materials Construction materials are recycled offsite. A minimum of two types of materials are recycled.
601.7 Site-Applied Finishing Materials Building materials or assemblies are utilized that do not require additional site applied material for finishing. 609.1 Life Cycle Analysis A more environmentally preferable product or assembly is selected for an application based upon the use of a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) tool.
602.8 Termite-Resistant Materials Termite-resistant materials are used in areas of slight, moderate, heavy, or very heavy termite infestation. 901.5 Carpets Wall-to-wall carpeting is not installed adjacent to water closets or bath fixtures.
603.1 Reuse of Existing Building Existing building components reused in lieu of demolition. 901.6 Hard-Surface Flooring A minimum of 85% of installed hard-surface flooring is in accordance with CA 01350.
603.2 Salvaged Materials Reclaimed and/or salvaged materials and components are used. 901.7 Wall Coverings A minimum of 85% of wall coverings are in accordance with CA 01350.
603.3 Scrap Materials Facilitation for sorting and reuse of scrap building materials. 901.9 Adhesives and Sealants Low-voc adhesives and sealants: minimum 85% in compliance with CA 01350 or GS-36.
604.1 Recycled Content Building materials with recycled content are used for two minor and/or two major components of the building. 903.1 Tile Backing Materials Tile backing materials installed under tiled surfaces in wet areas are in accordance with ASTM C1178, C1278, C1288, or C1325.


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