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  IEQ Credit 4.1: Low-Emitting Materials—Adhesives and Sealants

Tile adhesives and sealants have little to no VOC content, and thus have little to no VOC emissions. Their VOC-free nature has a positive impact on green building in general, and can also play a large role in the acquisition of LEED® IEQ Credit 4.1 (1 point). To obtain this credit, all adhesives and sealants used in a building must comply with South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) Rule #1168, and all aerosol adhesives must comply with Green Seal Standard for Commercial Adhesives GS-36.

Note: Flooring adhesives and sealants meeting the emission criteria outlined in Option 2 of IEQ Credit 4.3 can contribute towards LEED® for Schools IEQ Credit 4.1 and are thus deemed eligible for contribution towards LEED® for New Construction and Major Renovations IEQ Credit 4.1 without demonstration of compliance with the values listed below.

The VOC content limits for this credit, as outlined by SCAQMD Rule #1168 and GS-36, are as follows:

Architectural Applications VOC Limit
(g/L less water)
Specialty Applications VOC Limit
(g/L less water)
Indoor carpet adhesives 50 PVC welding 510
Carpet pad adhesives 50 CPVC welding 490
Wood flooring adhesives 100 ABS welding 325
Rubber floor adhesives 60 Plastic cement welding 250
Subfloor adhesives 50 Adhesive primer for plastic 550
Ceramic tile adhesives 65 Contact adhesive 80
VCT and asphalt adhesives 50 Special purpose contact adhesive 250
Drywall and panel adhesives 50 Structural wood member adhesive 140
Cove base adhesives 50 Sheet applied rubber lining operations 850
Multipurpose construction adhesives 70 Top and trim adhesive 250
Structural glazing adhesives 100    
Substrate Specific Applications VOC Limit
(g/L less water)
Sealants VOC Limit
(g/L less water)
Metal to metal 30 Architectural 250
Plastic foams 50 Nonmembrane roof 300
Porous material (except wood) 50 Roadway 250
Wood 30 Single-ply roof membrane 450
Fiberglass 80 Other 420
Sealant Primers VOC Limit
(g/L less water)
Aerosol Adhesives VOC Limit
Architectural, nonporous 250 General purpose mist spray 65% by weight
Architectural, porous 775 General purpose web spray 55% by weight
Other 750 Special purpose (all types) 70% by weight





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