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  IEQ Credit 3.1: Construction Indoor Air Quality Management Plan—During Construction

One area in which the use of tile can greatly benefit green building projects is in the improvement of construction indoor air quality. The use of tile can simplify an indoor air quality management plan, and thus simplify the acquisition of LEED® IEQ Credit 3.1 (1 point). One of the requirements of this credit is that stored on-site and installed absorptive materials be protected from moisture damage. Tiled surfaces are advantageous in that they are generally non absorptive. They are less susceptible to mold and moisture damage than competitive surface coverings and the use of tile can make an IAQ management plan much less tedious. Additionally, many grouts and mortars are now available in impervious packaging, making them less susceptible to moisture damage prior to installation than ever before.

IEQ Credit 3.1 also requires that an IAQ management plan be adopted to protect HVAC systems during construction. The use of installation of grouts and mortars with "dust-free" technology can be a valuable addition to such plans.

As is the case with nearly all building products and in most LEED® credit categories, the use of tile won't single handedly "earn a point" in this credit category, but the consideration of such products can certainly be an integral part in the overall acquisition of this credit.






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