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  ID Credit 1: Innovation in Design

Developers of the LEED® rating system understand that some buildings may possess attributes that go beyond the measurable environmental performance requirements outlined in LEED®. Therefore, ID Credit 1 provides several opportunities for building projects to obtain additional points. There are many ways in which the use of tile products can contribute.

  • Path 1. Innovation in Design (1-5 Points): If the intent, approach, and measurable benefits of an innovative environmental practice not already addressed by the LEED® rating system are identified in writing, the use of up to five different practices can result in up to 5 LEED® points. There are many innovative tile products available on the market, some of which include antimicrobial surfaces, ventilated façade systems, and photovoltaic units. As the demand for environmental innovation grows, so too will the availability of new and exciting products. Consult with tile manufacturers to discover the many new and exciting technologies on the market.
  • Path 2. Exemplary Performance (1-3 Points): There are some instances in which additional points can be awarded if measureable milestones in existing credit categories are exceptionally exceeded. Some of the ones which might involve tile include:
    • SS Credit 7.1: 100% of site hardscape utilizes one or a combination of several strategic heat-reducing options
    • MR Credit 3: 15% of building materials are reused
    • MR Credit 4: 30% of building materials are recycled
    • MR Credit 5: 40% of building materials are regionally available




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